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Ikepod Hourglass by Marc Newson

Ikepod Hourglass by Marc Newson

Ikepod Hourglass by Marc Newson

Ikepod Hourglass by Marc Newson

The Ikepod Hourglass is a remarkable and luxurious 60 minute counter made up of high-grade glass with “sand” that consists of carbon or nickel-plated nanoballs. A gold-plated nanoball version is also available.

Hourglass, by Marc Newson, for Ikepod

DJ and Commander Headphones by MUSE

Based in Melbourne, Australia, MUSE makes well-designed headphones for people who want something that looks good, sounds good and at an affordable price. The young Company is a collective of an entrepreneur, a gadgeteer, a communicator and a designer. New products include The DJ with its retro look, made for true music lovers who want an immersive listening experience, and The Commander, custom designed for the gaming experience, complete with adjustable ear-cups and a noise-cancelling microphone.

The DJ and The Commander, by Cedric Austria, for MUSE

Sailing Yacht by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Most Yacht interiors steer toward the traditional; Claesson Koivisto Rune have designed a sleek modern space with a high water mark.

Sailing Yacht, by Claesson Koivisto Rune

lotta by Ichiro Iwasaki for iida

Ichiro Iwasaki has designed a new mobile phone for the Japanese company iida. Beautiful shapes, colors, and a playful comfortable feel–that’s a whole lotta charm.

lotta, by Ichiro Iwasaki, for iida

AIAIAI Tracks Leather Headphones

Luxurious sensations — Tracks Headphones with leather earcups, are on-ear headphones inspired by the function and design of the old iconic walkman headphones.

Tracks Headphones, by Kilo Design, for AIAIAI

i24R3 Portable Speakers by Michael Young for EOps

Waterproof speakers suitable for indoor/outdoor use. i24R3 Portable comes with a tube stand for easier portability, the stand is removable so that the speakers are able to be mounted on a wall. Rechargeable, Bluetooth and iphone compatible.

i24R3 Portable, by Michael Young, for EOps

Medis, Tanto & Plattan Headphones by Urbanears

Medis, Tanto & Plattan Headphones by Urbanears

Medis, Tanto & Plattan Headphones by Urbanears

Medis, Tanto & Plattan Headphones by Urbanears

Medis, Tanto & Plattan Headphones by Urbanears

Medis, Tanto & Plattan Headphones by Urbanears

Medis, Tanto & Plattan Headphones by Urbanears

Medis, Tanto & Plattan Headphones by Urbanears

Scandinavian design collective, Urbanears has launched a series of headphones with three unique models, Plattan, Tanto and Medis, each available in 14 color varieties. Like many successful street brands given the no-logo-all-color-garments a face, Urbanears is set to make a statement in audio fashion wear.

Plattan is designed to be the perfect classic headphone, utilizing innovative functions and performance with current technology. It’s a full size headphone allowing for rich, secluded sound. The entire unit folds down to the size of a fist for maximum mobility, best of all, Plattan also comes with a “zound plug” which is actually not a plug, but rather a socket that allows your friend to plug into your earcap and listen to the same thing you are listening to.

Tanto is designed for maximum mobility without the compromise of performance, a tribute to the ‘80’s revolution in mobile music.

Medis has a sleek and minimal design and the functionality of its larger siblings but the obvious benefits of in-ear. The revolution, however, is the EarClick patent which anchors the ear-piece securely in place with perfect comfort and lets it stay in place. EarClick is the result of years of development and an ergonomic revolution of in-ear headphones. The construction is based on securing the position in the outer ear at two opposing points.

Each product comes equipped two extra cable extensions. The cable itself is made from fabric, rather that the usual plastic casing and fixed to the cable is a microphone and remote compatible with most devices such as Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and the iPhone.

Plattan, Tanto, Medis, by Urbanears

Tatra T87 Sedan up for Auction

Wright’s upcoming Important Design auction, will feature three collector cars including a 1940 Tatra T87 sedan. The streamlined car from Czechoslovakia combines multiple technical advancements into a single car. By the mid-1930s streamlining had become an international styling fashion as depicted in this poster for the 25th International Automobile Exhibition in Prague. The young republic’s automobile industry was among its most competitive sectors. Encouraged by the progress in Zeppelin airship design, early Junkers and Dornier airplanes, the science of aerodynamics became established. In adapting these ideas to automobile design it was found that the cars consume less fuel and achieve greater speed and power.

Tatra T87 Sedan, Auction Estimate $150,000–$200,000, Important Design,
November 30th – December 7th at Wright

Travelfriend Luxury Luggage by Henk

Dissatisfied by the suitcases he used during his frequent trips around the world, a Dutch businessman called Henk decided to create something better. The result is the Travelfriend, a luxury travel suitcase that is both light, functional and stylish.

Travelfriend, by Henk

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