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Guidelines by Frederik Roijé

Frederik Roijé has created a series of wall-mounted magazine holders. Made from folded metal with lacquer coating, the lines find their function by crossing paths.

Guidelines, by Frederik Roijé

Ethanol Fueled Fireplace by Ilkka Suppanen for Iittala

Iittala Fireplace Ethanol Ilkka Suppanen

Iittala Fireplace Ethanol Ilkka Suppanen

Made from stainless steel and heat-resistant glass, Fireplace is a modern take on an open fire. Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen has taken the age-old idea of an open fire in the wilds, tamed it, and brought it inside, to create an environment where people can gather to chat and enjoy an evening together or where somebody can relax alone and put the worries of the day behind them. The design very much reflects Suppanen’s architectural leanings.

“Today’s televisions often play a similar role to that of the fires of the past, bringing people together to tell their stories and listen to those of others. I took this idea of the fire as an archetypical phenomenon as my startingpoint – and ended up designing something with a very minimalist form of its own,” Suppanen explains, “The piece is very neutral until the flame is lit, only then does it come alive and take its place in a space and capture people’s attention.”

Unlike your ordinary built-in fireplace this gem is portable, just as easy to use in any room or even outside in the garden or terrace on a long summer evening.

Iittala Fireplace, by Ilkka Suppanen

Bonsai Tools by Suwada Japan

Japanese forge Suwada, makes specialized Bonsai tools, using manufacturing techniques and forms that have developed slowly over time.

Bonsai Tools, by Suwada Blacksmith Works, Japan, Bonsai by Steve Tolley

Nelson Polygon, Flock of Butterflies & Wheel Clocks for Vitra

George Nelson Polygon Clock Vitra

George Nelson Flock of Butterflies Clock Vitra

George Nelson Wheel Clock Vitra

George Nelson originally designed a wide range of wall clocks in the 1950′s and 1960′s for the Howard Miller Company. Three wall clocks have been re-issued by Vitra, (from the top) Polygon Clock is all angles and is made of solid walnut and lacquered, Flock of Butterflies is made of metal and with a large diameter of 24″ (610mm), and Wheel Clock with spindles in solid walnut and aluminium tips. All Vitra clocks are built with a high-grade quartz clock movement.

Polygon Clock 1961, Flock of Butterflies Clock 1955, Wheel Clock 1961,
by George Nelson, for Vitra

VANMOOF N°3 and N°5 Bicycle by Sjoerd Smit

VANMOOF Dutch Bicycle Sjoerd Smit

VANMOOF Dutch Bicycle Sjoerd Smit

VANMOOF Dutch Bicycle Sjoerd Smit

VANMOOF Dutch Bicycle Sjoerd Smit

VANMOOF Dutch Bicycle Sjoerd Smit

VANMOOF Dutch Bicycle Sjoerd Smit

VANMOOF Dutch Bicycle Sjoerd Smit

VANMOOF was inspired by the good old-fashion Dutch bike”, explains the designer Sjoerd Smit, “we stripped the bike from whims that can only break or cause frustration and added innovation and style”. The VANMOOF is built from the day-to-day experience of cycling in Amsterdam, it has a striking aluminum rust-free frame with a highly advanced solar powered LED light system built inside the frame. Gone are the dynamo’s that add friction to the wheel, no more cables, and best of all for the urban rider, no more lights stolen off your bike!

VANMOOF Bicycles, by Sjoerd Smit, for VANMOOF

Buy it here:
VANMOOF N°3 & VANMOOF N°5 (this product ships to European Union countries only)

Polyvase.MGX by Dan Yeffet for MGX by Materialise

Both a sculptural object and a functional vase, Polyvase.MGX is made by using rapid prototyping technology, a 3D printing process. Available in three sizes and colors havana brown, black or green.

Polyvase.MGX by Dan Yeffet, for MGX by Materialise,
Photography by Frank Gielen for Hooked on Walls

kime by Mikiya Kobayashi for Dreamy Person Inc.

kime” is the Japanese word for texture or wood grain, and a new line of wood products designed by Mikiya Kobayashi for Dreamy Person Inc.

Wood has a distinct texture which gives out warmth and a sense of security, and the wood grain seen on the surface expresses its powerful ability to survive. The brand name “kime” comes from the aspiration to create wooden products emphasizing the fascinating texture and wood grain to suit modern life. Products are made with the greatest care by craftsmen from Asahikawa City, Hokkaido who love and thoroughly understands wood.

kime, Bottle Opener, Pen Case, Toothpick Holder, Shoe Horn, Tape Measure, by Mikiya Kobayashi, for Dreamy Person Inc.

Icon: Iittala Tools Cookware by Björn Dahlström

Iittala Tools Cookware Björn Dahlström

Iittala Tools Cookware Björn Dahlström

Iittala Tools Cookware Björn Dahlström

Iittala Tools Cookware Björn Dahlström

Iittala Tools Cookware Björn Dahlström

Iittala Tools Cookware Björn Dahlström

Iittala Tools Cookware Björn Dahlström

If there is one set of cookware which fits all the requirements of a well-appointed kitchen, then the Tools collection from Iittala is the one to have. Designer Björn Dahlström worked in collaboration with world-class chefs and materials specialists to create attractive yet highly functional cookware whose features and construction lend themselves to a variety of cooking techniques. The in-depth research and attention to ergonomics has given us a set of cookware that is now seen in three star restaurants as well as the modern home.

Tools are built to scale, they are well suited for large dinner parties as well as for everyday use. The line consists of saucepans, sauteuses, and casseroles in various sizes, as well as rectangular oven roasting pans in two sizes. The saucepans and casseroles feature tight-fitting lids and have measuring marks etched on their interiors. The lid is designed with a little notch to allow steam to escape while cooking—a real advantage over the more common pots with lids that tend to rattle and boil over.

The Tools collection is made of fine stainless steel which is remarkably easy to clean. Iittala has decided to go with quality all the way, their philosophy “Against Throwawayism” is evident as the Tools collection will last a lifetime and you will be able to pass it on to your grandchildren.

Björn Dahlström, Iittala Tools Cookware, by Dahlström Design AB

Deneb Specimen Editions by Guillaume Delvigne

Presented at the Designer’s Days in Paris, Deneb is a vessel composed of a glass vase and cork stand, and continues Guillaume Delvigne’s series of Limited Editions

Deneb Specimen Editions, by Guillaume Delvigne, and Glass Blower Matteo Gonet, Photography by Gabriel Vienna

Icon: Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

(photos above) Alvar Aalto portrait and original design collages for the Savoy vase in cardboard and paper

For 70 years now the Iittala factory in Finland has diligently produced Alvar Aalto’s sinuous Savoy vase. Originally part of a housewares collection that Aalto submitted to the Karhula-Iittala design competition in 1936, the vase was first presented at the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris, where the theme was “Art and Technology in Modern Life.” At the time of its conception, the vase’s graceful enigmatic form challenged the glassblowers who pioneered the making of it. Inspired by nature, Alvar Aalto simplified design elements and used a craftsman’s knowledge of the material to create design that allows for various combination’s of use. The mysterious form made a strong statement against industrial production that failed to meet human needs. Today it has become an icon of a design movement.

Alvar Aalto Vases, by Alvar Aalto, for Iittala

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