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Vitra Advertising for Eames Aluminum Chair

Vitra images used in an advertising campaign for the Eames aluminum chair.

Eames Aluminum Group, by Charles and Ray Eames, for Vitra
via: A plus B

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

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4 Responses to
“Vitra Advertising for Eames Aluminum Chair”

  1. alex Beverly Says:

    do you know where i can buy these 2 vitra prints from? i would love to get a copy of them both

  2. alex Says:

    I totally love these. Is it at all possible to buy them?

  3. MasterCaution Says:

    Lots of fabric or leather choices available here: http://www.northernicon.com/p-826-ea-124-ea-125-a...

  4. Clay Says:

    Alex, Sure, they're easy to find, and are even still being made new! Search eBay for 'eames aluminum' (technically I think these are called "Eames Aluminum Group Lounge" chairs, but searching for 'lounge' tends to return mostly the bent-plywood & tufted-black-leather ones with ottomans, which IIRC are called simply 'Eames Lounge'). The Aluminum Group ones are available with or without arms, in the low-back (non-'lounge') form, and even in 'square-padded' (Time-Life?) versions. I don't know about the new ones, but the vintage ones were available in many, many different cloth or vinyl colors, and because they used commercial contract-grade material, they wear like iron.

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