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Tua Table Lamp by Marco Zito for Foscarini

A table lamp with which you can create a personal relationship; surprisingly simple, because it has been thought out with a great deal of care. Tua is inspired by the palm of the hand containing a light: a gesture interpreted in a single, shaped metal plane that is both the support and shade of the lamp. The light source is hidden inside the range of the curve, whose aesthetic has a characteristically fine cut. When the light is on, it creates a pleasantly intimate glow, perfect for all those spaces dedicated to the single person (bedside table or work table). The lamp lends itself even to a multiple interpretation: interior-exterior, two-dimensional/three-dimensional, a graphic sign and a functional lamp, which is always elegant, reassuring and friendly.

Tua Table Lamp, by Marco Zito, for Foscarini

Malva Lights by ett la benn

Malva Lights by ett la benn

Malva Lights by ett la benn

Malva Lights by ett la benn

Malva Lights by ett la benn

Malva Lights by ett la benn

Malva is a series of lights inspired by the natural qualities of cellulose and viscose: the objects are generated by the forming of moistened sponge cloth and its subsequent hardening by air drying on a mould. The translation of this customary material into individual design pieces through basic processes of forming and drying measures up to the highest demands in sustainability and eco friendliness: all objects are compostable.

Malva Lights, by ett la benn

Exhibition: Space Age Lights at Triennale Design Museum

Triennale Design Museum presents a selection of over sixty table lamps designed and made in the 1960s and early 70s, dubbed by historians of design as “Space Age”, it is an era of great social change, but also the era in which international politics were focused on the imaginary collective achievements as a landing space for a fruitful and truly progressive modernity.

The lamps on display come from international collections, ranging from the mass produced, to pieces made by well known designers such as Joe Colombo, Vico Magistretti, Gino Sarfatti and Giotto Wick.

Space Age Lights, 12 May – 05 September, Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy

Sax by Alain Monnens for Vertigo Bird

Sax by Alain Monnens for Vertigo Bird

Sax by Alain Monnens for Vertigo Bird

Lamps from the Sax family represent an alternative to all surfacemounted downlighters. Its 26 different variations cover the entire spectrum of lighting-design requirements. The choice of different light sources means that this model also boasts a wide range of applications.

Sax, by Alain Monnens, for Vertigo Bird

Lighthouse by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Established & Sons

Lighthouse by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Established & Sons

Lighthouse by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Established & Sons

Lighthouse by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Established & Sons

Established & Sons invited us to conceive a contemporary lamp using the traditional know-how of Venini, Italy. For Lighthouse, our inspiration came from the observation of the sophisticated craftsmanship of Murano’s master glass blowers. The idea was to light up a voluminous round glass structure that would be supported by a delicate aluminium stick. We worked on the precariousness of the equilibrium: there is one and only, sharp point of contact, no fixation, as if the glass was in its originate state, hanging insecurely from the blowing pipe. We wanted to work on the vulnerability of the object.”

Lighthouse, by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, for Established & Sons

Papo Lamps by Martin Schmid

German designer Martin Schmid, has designed a series of lamps made from paper.

Papo Lamps, by Martin Schmid, Cocage

Spock Light from Modular Lighting Instruments

The sleek lines of the Spock fitting are part of a wider trend that is becoming increasingly popular today: the amorphous forms that refer to elements in nature. Architect Zaha Hadid is the pioneer of this style, but top firms like Apple, Bang & Olufsen or even Miele with its kitchen appliances have realised that rounded forms, tactility and ‘friendly’ design contribute to user happiness. These companies’ products evoke warm feelings in their users thanks to their design inspired by nature, the origin of all life. The Spock, too, has been created from these ingredients because the designers wanted to come up with a timeless creation without falling into the trap of überdesign. The return to natural authenticity, after all, has become a solid point of reference in both the fashion and interior design sectors.

Spock Wall and Ceiling Light, by Couvreur & Devos, for Modular Lighting Instruments

Fire Kit by 5.5 Designers for Skitsch

New products for Skitsch include the Fire Kit – instant campfire!

Fire Kit, by 5.5 Designers for Skitsch

Campane Lamp by Guillaume Delvigne

Made from blown glass and Corian, the color of light from the Campane lamp is determined by changing or combining the tinted glass shades. Limited edition of 15 copies + 2 artist copies.

Campane Lamp, by Guillaume Delvigne Glassblower: Matteo Gonet

Exhibition: Moaïs by Ionna Vautrin

Ionna Vautrin presents a a series of lighting called Moaïs. Each model consists of ten sheets of polycarbonate and ten “combs” in painted or anodized aluminum, and a black aluminum base shaped like a truncated cone. Easy to assemble, some are left white, while others are screen printed.

Moaïs, by Ionna Vautrin, January 26 – March 20, at ToolsGalerie, Paris, France

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