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Sierra Cabinets by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Dune

The Sierra cabinets by Claesson Koivisto Rune were uniquely designed with a sculptural allure while carefully maintaining aesthetical balance and harmony. The doors are engineered with intricate precision to create a vibrant 3-D pattern on its surface. It is then covered with reconstituted (green) wood veneer that runs in different directions. As a result, the light reflects magnificently off of its subtle angles.

Sierra Cabinets, by Claesson Koivisto Rune, for Dune

Archie Chair by Nick Garnham & Rod Carlson for Jardan

Archie Chair Jardan

Archie Chair Jardan

Archie Chair Jardan

The Archie chair and sofa are inspired by the Australian porch lifestyle. Finely crafted from Solid American Oak using traditional joinery techniques. With its inviting stance and charming nature, you can’t help but relax with Archie.

Archie Chair, by Nick Garnham and Rod Carlson, for Jardan, Melbourne, Australia

Icon: Scandia Series Chairs by Fjordfiesta Norway

Scandia Series Chair Fjordfiesta

Scandia Series Chair Fjordfiesta

Scandia Series Chair Fjordfiesta

Scandia Series Chair Fjordfiesta

Scandia Series Chair Fjordfiesta

Scandia Series Chair Fjordfiesta

One of the few furniture design icons from Norway, the Scandia Series chairs were designed in 1957 by Hans Brattrud. Popularity peaked in the 1960s and the chairs fell out of production in the 1970s when the original factory burned down. Enter Fjordfiesta, a Norwegian company that has since revived the range. The Company worked closely with Brattrud to bring these appealing chairs back into production, keeping careful attention to the original detailing and design.

Scandia Series Chair, by Hans Brattrud for Fjordfiesta

Buy it here: Scandia Senior, Scandia Junior, Scandia Nett Swivel

Bardot by Jaime Hayon for Bernhardt Design

Just as the curves of the human body flow into one another, the same can be said of the Bardot. The absence of distinct angles and lines permit the exterior and interior to gently merge together, creating a continuous form that allows fabric to conform to its shape, similar to the way a dress fits the body. Inspired by the feminine silhouette, Hayon wanted the sofa to “feel like a fruit, tender to the touch,” while at the same time be extremely durable “like combining the lightness and strength of a ballerina.”
“Many sofas are too big to actually use in city apartments, so I wanted to make one that looked big and felt generous, but would actually work in smaller spaces.” Even though it may have a deceivingly compact footprint, the comfortable and functional Bardot retains an impressive elegance regardless of its location.

Bardot, by Jaime Hayon, for Bernhardt Design

Rietveld LEGO Buffet by Minale-Maeda for Droog

Rietveld LEGO Buffet by Minale-Maeda for Droog

Rietveld LEGO Buffet by Minale-Maeda for Droog

Dutch based design duo Minale-Maeda (Kuniko Maeda and Mario Minale) playfully reprise Gerrit Rietveld’s grace to reconsider his de Stijl masterwork, Buffet for dutch design company Droog. The Rietveld LEGO Buffet uses over 25,000 pieces of LEGO, updating the de Stijl’s call for simplified materials through the use of the iconic toy building blocks known to us as children, creating a re-iteration of one of modern design’s most relevant historical suggestions.

Rietveld LEGO Buffet, Limited Edition of 5, by Minale-Maeda, for Droog
via: designboom

Layer by Luca Nichetto for Gallotti & Radice

The idea of generating tables of different heights through the repetition of a single building block is what informs Layer, a table composed of a glass tabletop supported by a base made by stacking a variable number of wooden rings which repropose the structure of a pals trunk. The use of the rings is what allows the table’s height and dimensions to be varied, depending on whether one or two columns are employed and how many rings are stacked to create them.

Layer, by Luca Nichetto, for Gallotti & Radice

OTTO by Carlos Tíscar for Girsberger

Carlos Tíscar has designed OTTO, a bench program for the Swiss company Girsberger. Seat and backrest fully upholstered with pocket spring core, fabric or leather, with a steel chromed frame.

OTTO, by Carlos Tíscar, for Girsberger

Cloth by Jehs+Laub for Cassina

With its visual linearity and soft and welcoming structure, this armchair is the epitome of extreme and deliberate simplicity. The internal supporting frame is made from glass-reinforced plastic and processed with original slits and ribbing that guarantee the comfort of the seat. The padding is made from polyurethane foam and polyester wadding.
The fabric or leather upholstery, combined with polyester wadding, is removable thanks to two lateral zips that give it an original finish. The covers are available in plain or two-tone colours.

Cloth, by Jehs+Laub, for Cassina

Pillar by Brad Ascalon for Bernhardt Design

Comfortable is not the first word that comes to mind when describing modern chairs. Merging clean lines with soft interiors can be difficult to achieve; however, through the vision of young American designer Brad Ascalon, uniting these seemingly contradictory qualities has been accomplished. Ascalon’s Pillar chair provides a comfortable experience, while remaining true to the purity of line associated with modernism.

To make the chair more inviting, the seat, sides and back are shaped to form an interior cocoon while the exterior remains clean and crisp. Ascalon believes if the chair were visually, as well as physically comfortable, it would have appeal to both commercial and residential audiences. “Pillar has a curvaceous residential quality on the interior, while remaining true to the disciplines of modernism on the exterior. It is elegant, inviting and has presence in its simplicity,” says Ascalon

Pillar, by Brad Ascalon Studio NYC, for Bernhardt Design

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