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Exhibition: Twilight-Tokujin Yoshioka Moon Chair

A series of chairs named Moon will be shown at the Moroso showroom during the upcoming Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. The chairs will be presented in an installation called Twilight.

“The installation Twilight, releasing the infinitive light rays in the white space, creates a scene as if the light breaks through the cloud, and the crepuscular rays pour into the ground. The crepuscular rays is a beatiful natural phenomenon known as angel’s ladder. This heavenly light profiles the chair Moon. The light reflects on the surface of the chairs and reveals the beauty of the textures exists in the various white materials.”

Exhibition: Twilight-Tokujin Yoshioka, by Tokujin Yoshioka, April 12 – April 17, at Moroso Showroom, Milan

Grand Sofa by Monica Förster for OFFECCT

The idea with the sofa Grand was to create a piece that conveyed the feeling of something improvised and sketched. The first ideas were transferred to a scale model where Monica Förster worked intensively to create a shape that conveyed a sense of freedom. Grand is a large and generous sofa. Grand comes in a right, a left and a straight version with an accompanying footstool and an optional divan.

Grand by Monica Förster, for OFFECCT

ST10 Chair by Arge2 & Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

The idea of the ST10 Chair is to use sandwich technology which has been developed by the skiing industry, and apply it to a chair. Made in Austria and constructed mainly with wood, the chair uses the composite technique in the back legs–a wooden core reinforced with an aluminium cover. This creates a stable, yet flexible compound material that provides higher resistance to mechanical pressure and improved tensile strength.

Tapering to just 8mm at the top, the back of the chair has a light springiness and filigree look, when combined with its minimalist design, this makes for an extremely strong and comfortable stacking chair.

Hussl ST10 Stacking Chair, Upholstered Chair, by Hussl & Arge2

Dino Collection by Eric Jourdan for Ligne Roset

Whilst the Harry armchair is carving its place as a best seller at Ligne Roset, this year Eric Jourdan has designed Dino, a superb range of tables, desk and storage based on the asymmetry of colours and shapes familiar to Ligne Roset presented at the last Maison&Objet show. A play on contrasts that the designer masters to perfection.

“The Dino collection is very architectural, I wanted to suspend blocks within the sides (curves here) and work on the level and colour differences. I had some Marcel Breuer structures in mind. I like the idea that the construction, the assembly of the volumes is present in the interpretation of the furniture which is in general closed boxes. With Dino everything is visually prominent.”
- Eric Jourdan

Dino Collection, by Eric Jourdan, for Ligne Roset

Tec Chair by Bao-Nghi

Tec Chair is a light and mobile stacking chair that is being used in ad hoc situations and at the same time delivering an elegant look when placed beside the kitchen table. Thanks to the elaborate shaping of its elements like the rear legs, frame etc, formal details are created that are not only responsible for its technically filigree appearance, but also serve to the function of stacking. All parts of the chair are CNC-milled and composed similarly as a 3D puzzle. Through the intentional formal separation of sitting area and frame, different color combinations can be chosen in a flexible way. Due to its light weight and stacking capability, the chair can be used in the domestic as well as in contract environment.

Tec Chair, by bao-nghi droste design

RU Chair by Shane Schneck for HAY

RU is a composition in function, designed to respond to the centemporary demands of the home/work milieu. A robust construction of cross laminated veneer provides structure for the cantilevered seat and makes its multifunction possible. The unified leg and seat solution gives the chair the ability to not only stack and gang, but also hang. The hanging position allows for easy floor cleaning as the chair can be accomodated the table top. Storage has been considered with the ability to stack while the addition of ganging means RU is as suitable for a conference space as it is for the home. The versatility allows for the chair to be used in every setting from a class room to a café.

RU Chair, by Shane Schneck, for HAY, Photography by Rasmus Norlander


Check out information on picture hangers to get more inspiration on interior designs and decoration.

DICE by Stefan Diez for Schönbuch

Mix and match. DICE offer you new scope. It’s an interior furnishing concept with plenty of opportunities for combining the items individually. These include a cupboard, various cabinet elements, a wall-mounted wardrobe, a sideboard, a chest, a mirror and functional accessories they can be configured in a variety of ways, and all share a special design feature. The rich contrast of the interplay of surfaces. The smooth painted cabinet walls combine with fabric-trimmed front panels for an effect that‘s unique both visually and to the touch. Three colour worlds form the basis when combining these surfaces: Natural grey, a warm reddish Grey and bluish grey. Each of them consists of up to seven wools (kvadrat) with woven structures or varying strength and interesting ‘Faux Uni’ Effects.

DICE by Stefan Diez for Schönbuch

Slow Sofa by Frederik Roijé

Slow as a durable starting principle in the design in order to continuously produce new creations. Made in Holland, the sofa family is composed of nine elements that can be freely combined.

Slow Sofa, by Frederik Roijé


Hand-crafted sofas, leather sofas and fabric sofas by Darlings Of Cheslea

Icon: 699 Superleggera Chair by Gio Ponti

Cassina presents two new re-editions of the iconic 699 Superleggera chair designed by Gio Ponti for the Cassina I Contemporanei Collection. Alongside the current natural ash-wood, black lacquered and white lacquered chairs with an Indian cane seat, new variants taken from Cassina’s late 1950’s production are available with colourful padded seats in removable leather or fabric. This version, with 450 possible combinations, has a natural ash-wood frame that can be open pore varnished in black or white, elegantly revealing the true essence of the wooden structure. The second re-edition, inspired by a model designed by Ponti in the 1950’s for exhibitions but which was never serially produced, has a stunning bicolour black and white lacquered frame and padded white or graphite leather seat. “In the darkness” said Ponti “it will be even lighter because it will be supported by just two legs”.

Gio Ponti regarded the Superleggera chair as one of his three masterpieces (together with the Pirelli Tower in Milan and the Concattedrale of Taranto). It represents a symbol of perfection and balance between solidity and lightness, with a triangular section of just 18 millimetres and a minimum weight of 1,700 grams. It is the fruit of Gio Ponti’s research and the experimental and creative ability and expertise of Cassina and its craftsmen, who have produced this chair non-stop since 1957.

699 Superleggera Chair, by Gio Ponti, for Cassina

Gio Ponti (1891–1979) was one of Italy’s most influential designers whose work includes automobiles, furniture, interiors, and buildings. Working in a multitude of materials, he is a pivotal figure in the history of twentieth-century architecture and design, and his work continues to inspire young designers who are increasingly rediscovering it today. This expansive and exhaustively researched monograph chronicles the complete spectrum of Gio Ponti’s output, from early ceramic work as design director for Richard Ginori to his last and most famous architectural works, Milan’s Pirelli Tower and the Museum of Modern Art in Denver. Also featured are Ponti’s automobile designs for Alfa Romeo, interiors for Italian luxury liners, bathroom fixtures for American Standard, the famous Superleggera chair for Cassina, and the Alitalia offices in New York.

Gio Ponti, Edited by Ugo La Pietra, Hardcover, 8-7/8 x 11, ISBN: 9780847832705
Buy it Here: Amazon

Oru Armchair by Ramón Esteve for Joquer

Created by architect and designer Ramón Esteve, The Oru Armchair is a lounge chair with a design inspired by the shapes of origami. With its crisp, unmistakeable form–which boasts a multitude of contours–the chair is highly conducive to rest and relaxation. Available in a range of colours–notably a strong red and vibrant yellow.

Oru Armchair, by Ramón Esteve, for Joquer

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