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Lady Led & Zaza Chair by Omri Barzeev

Combining materials in a new innovative way, the Israeli designer Omri Barzeev created the Lady Led desk lamp. This lamp uses three strong but small Leds. The Leds are inserted in a heat shrinking plastic tube, a feature that allows to hold the Leds without any screws. The copper body of the lamp gives it an elegant and clean look. The two legs of the lamp are made of wood: they can move up or down the body of the lamp, in order to adapt the lighting angle or to play with the lamp appearance.

Zaza means “wobbling” in Hebrew. The originality of Zaza is to play with the usual ideas one has of a “normal” chair: the flexibility of the polypropylene structure takes the user by surprise and help to create a new relationship between the chair and the person sitting on it. This feeling is reinforced by the playful shape of the base, looking like a narrow rocking horse, only to deceive us again by it surprising stability.

Lady Led desk lamp, Zaza Chair, by Omri Barzeev

Light-room by Studio Geenen

The Light-room is a conceptual design for an interior consisting of light-weight furniture. All pieces are designed with no other goal than creating products as light as possible. Lightness had a lot of advantages, for example reducing energy consumption during production and transport. And of course it minimizes the amount of materials used in these products. The pieces of furniture in this room all together weigh 7,5 kg (16,5 pounds), which is normally the weight of a single chair. Each individual product in the room has been developed as far as the prototyping stage, and are ready to be produced. The image shown is taken of a set of high quality scale-models (1:6).

Light-room: Dyneema Chair, Tensile Table, Gridshelf, SLS-Chair, Gaudi Stool,
by Studio Geenen

Chauffeuse Marie-Sophie by Pierre Brichet

Marie-Sophie is a comfortable chair made from simple and raw materials, with a design that emphasises craft skills. The steel trellis forms a structure which is covered with leather, creating a rich contrast. The base of the structure that looks complex at the first sight is actually creating a variable geometry depending on the angle of view. This gives an illusion of volume which is in fact generated by the empty spaces of the structure. Thanks to its natural suppleness and flexibility, the leather suits the curved steel to create the seat and back of the chair.

Marie-Sophie, by Pierre Brichet, for Coming Soon galerie, (Limited edition for the gallery : numbered and signed copies 8 + 1 artist’s edition)

Mono by Anderssen & Voll for LK Hjelle

Presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Mono is slender, and with its strict language, the sofa is like an echo of architecture. Hidden padding and a flexible back provides a high level of comfort. Available as a chair, 2-seater and 3-seater.

Mono, by Anderssen & Voll, for LK Hjelle

Tube Chair by Kibisi for HAY

Tube chair is conceived as an outdoor wood chair in a contemporary expression. The modern wood chair has been almost exclusively dominated by the plywood shell. Introduced by Eames, perfected by Jacobsen it has been the weapon of choice for decades leaving the outdoor wood chair behind in arrested development as chunky and clumsy chairs from the past. With tube chair we propose to combine simple tubular wood sticks with molded aluminum joints to combine the tectonics, texture and touch of solid wood with the seamless lines and simple assembly of modern furniture. A more smooth and elegant contender

Tube chair, by Kibisi, for HAY

Framed by Koenraad Ruys for Moca

This varnished buffet is a storage cabinet composed of multiple campartments in different colours. All compartments are integrated into a black steel frame.

Framed, by Koenraad Ruys, for Moca

Film: The Aluminium Chair by Eames Demetrios

Vitraproject has released a film by Eames Demetrios on the history and the production of Charles & Ray Eames’ famous Aluminium Chair. The project began at the request of Eero Saarinen, who was looking for light, rugged chair for a home he was designing. The Eames Office made “version after version, …until the final design answered with what the Eames’ called “way it should beness”.

The Aluminium Chair, A Film by Eames Demetrios
Aluminium Group Chairs by Charles & Ray Eames, for Vitra.

Exhibition: Twilight-Tokujin Yoshioka Moon Chair

A series of chairs named Moon will be shown at the Moroso showroom during the upcoming Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. The chairs will be presented in an installation called Twilight.

“The installation Twilight, releasing the infinitive light rays in the white space, creates a scene as if the light breaks through the cloud, and the crepuscular rays pour into the ground. The crepuscular rays is a beatiful natural phenomenon known as angel’s ladder. This heavenly light profiles the chair Moon. The light reflects on the surface of the chairs and reveals the beauty of the textures exists in the various white materials.”

Exhibition: Twilight-Tokujin Yoshioka, by Tokujin Yoshioka, April 12 – April 17, at Moroso Showroom, Milan

Grand Sofa by Monica Förster for OFFECCT

The idea with the sofa Grand was to create a piece that conveyed the feeling of something improvised and sketched. The first ideas were transferred to a scale model where Monica Förster worked intensively to create a shape that conveyed a sense of freedom. Grand is a large and generous sofa. Grand comes in a right, a left and a straight version with an accompanying footstool and an optional divan.

Grand by Monica Förster, for OFFECCT

ST10 Chair by Arge2 & Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

ST10 Stacking Chair Hussl

The idea of the ST10 Chair is to use sandwich technology which has been developed by the skiing industry, and apply it to a chair. Made in Austria and constructed mainly with wood, the chair uses the composite technique in the back legs–a wooden core reinforced with an aluminium cover. This creates a stable, yet flexible compound material that provides higher resistance to mechanical pressure and improved tensile strength.

Tapering to just 8mm at the top, the back of the chair has a light springiness and filigree look, when combined with its minimalist design, this makes for an extremely strong and comfortable stacking chair.

Hussl ST10 Stacking Chair, Upholstered Chair, by Hussl & Arge2

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