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Exhibition: Jean Prouvé by G-Star Raw for Vitra

Prouvé RAW is a collection of newly interpreted furniture classics from French designer and artisan Jean Prouvé. The designs of Jean Prouvé have been a source of inspiration for the creative team at G-Star for quite some time. This appreciation of and fascination with the artist was the starting point for Prouvé RAW in collaboration with Vitra. Thanks to the cooperation of G-Star, the Prouvé family and Vitra, Prouvé’s most famous designs have been re-issued with a contemporary flair, while some of his lesser-known designs have been rediscovered.

Jean Prouvé by G-Star Raw, June 15th – July 31st, daily 12 – 2:00 pm, at the Fire Station by Zaha Hadid on the Vitra Campus in Weil

Container Sideboard by Alain Gilles for Casamania

Container is a modular sideboard system. As if a regular sideboard had been split into different elements, different “containers”. It is really a research on deconstruction and reconstruction. As if a “standard” sideboard with its different storage functionalities had been split into various elements just to be reconstructed in a different, uneven manner. A research on the architecture of a piece in order to bring forward its construction logic. In a way, a “landing dock”, the base, and a few “containers” that can be set one on top of the other… hence its name.

Container Sideboard, by Alain Gilles, for Casamania

Pod Chair by Benjamin Hubert for de vorm

Pod Pod is an environmental alternative to large upholstered furniture. Most upholstery is difficult to recycle as it’s a fixed combination of timber, glue, foam and textile. Pod tackles this by replacing the large upholstery with moulded felt created from recycled PET bottles. In addition the entire design is knock down with the shells stacking for minimum carbon footprint in transportation and storage.

The chair’s ergonomics allow the user to work comfortably whilst feeling relaxed and separated from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It creates a room-in-room experience with the perimeter of the chair around the user’s head. The shell of the chair is the largest form ever produced utilising pressed PET felt technology. This felt allows a distinctive aesthetic as well as offering sound-dampening properties to increase the sensation of privacy with acoustic performance.

Pod, by Benjamin Hubert, for de vorm

LL2 Lounger by Bonetti/Kozerski Studio

Reading a book, watching a movie or listening to music is increasingly enjoyed today through the use of a handheld tablet. We noticed that there is nothing specifically designed for this; the users are forced to adapt themselves to existing furniture typologies designed for non-contemporary uses.

The LL2 Lounger addresses those needs in a way that is subtly incorporated into the design; from the integrated footrest, to raise the knees on which the tablet is often propped; to the curve of the lounger against the users’ arms, as the elbows must be supported when holding the tablet. Though the stitching and detail design is inspired by automotive upholstery, (the Lamborghini Miura’s seats were one of the references), the piece sits comfortably in any interior environment. Rechargeable Bluetooth speakers are concealed in the adjustable headrest and are pared with the tablet, thus music and movies can be enjoyed in effortless high fidelity.

LL2 Lounger, by Bonetti/Kozerski Studio

Happy Hour Service Bar by Alfredo Häberli for BD Barcelona

Happy Hour Service Bar Alfredo Häberli BD Barcelona

Happy Hour Service Bar Alfredo Häberli BD Barcelona

Happy Hour Service Bar Alfredo Häberli BD Barcelona

Happy Hour Service Bar Alfredo Häberli BD Barcelona

Happy Hour Service Bar Alfredo Häberli BD Barcelona
Image via: Skona Hem

“There I was, glass in hand, hunting after stray ideas when simple solutions with subtle inventive details based on the theme of the bar came into my head.”
- Alfredo Häberli

Includes 2 trays plus an optional 3rd one in Inox stainless steel. Chromed steel structure. Trays in thermally-formed plastic. Available in white or black.

Happy Hour Service Table, Bar Trolley, by Alfredo Häberli, for BD Barcelona Design

UP’s by Studio Aisslinger for RS Barcelona

UP’s is a totally new modular block-system which integrates the open space between the attached boxes for the scheme: UP’s can generate endless modular sideboard landscapes or shelves always including the “free” space between the box-elements. These box-elements are offered in various types like: standard open box, box with sliding doors or boxes with folding wings. All these front-options can be later attached to the basic steel box-element. The visual “architecture” of the UP’s system is a rhythm of closed volumes with the airy gaps inbetween.

UP’s, by Studio Aisslinger, for RS Barcelona

Nub Collection by Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World

The Nub collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola and composed of an attractive line of sofas and chairs with natural wood structures that offer multiple color combinations for their structures and upholstery. Nub is the result of a sophisticated cabinet-making process, updated with great care in a contemporary manner. The project’s essential element is not so much the cylindrical bars, but rather the pleasant widening of the bars in the backrest at the height of the lumbar region, an alternating rhythm that grants recognition to the project, offering materiality and a three-dimensional quality to the chair.

Nub Collection, by Patricia Urquiola, for Andreu World

The Lectori Salutem Desk by Jeroen Verhoeven

The Lectori Salutem Desk is imbued with a symbolic value as it conveys the intimacies of Verhoeven’s own personal life. While ostensibly a desk, produced through a combination of highly-skilled craftsmanship and carefully-programmed technical processes, the personal mark of the maker is strongly evident within the work as two silhouette portraits of the artist’s design collaborators, Joep Verhoeven and Judith de Graauw, are subtly shaped into its undulating surfaces. Thus, the piece combines design functionality with an artistic rhetoric that subliminally communicates the importance of Verhoeven’s immediate creative circle. Constructed using highly-polished steel, the traditional industrialism of this material is inverted to produce an elegant and seemingly lightweight object. Through a delicate distribution of weight, the piece combines streamline curves and flowing contours to create a physical equilibrium and an illusionistic sense of movement and speed.

LS Desk, by Jeroen Verhoeven, Demakersvan
Exhibition: The Curious Image, at Blain Southern Gallery, London, May 12 – July 16

Minimato Table by Matthias Ferwagner for Moormann

With a structure in untreated ash and tabletop in aluminium or powder coated black, German designer Matthias Ferwagner has created Minimato, a self assembled side table.

“To express it minimalistly: 5 bars, 1 table top, Assemble, Minimato.”
- Matthias Ferwagner

Minimato Table by Matthias Ferwagner for Moormann

Waver Outdoor Chair by Konstantin Grcic for Vitra

Vitra Waver Chair by Konstantin Grcic

Vitra Waver Chair by Konstantin Grcic

Vitra Waver Chair by Konstantin Grcic

Vitra Waver Chair by Konstantin Grcic

Vitra Waver Chair by Konstantin Grcic

A yearning to break free from conventional types of seat design was foremost in the development of Waver. The chair accordingly embraces in a new aesthetic the materials and design principles used in outdoor sports and, using a simple technical design, offers a degree of comfort most commonly associated with traditional upholstered furniture. Vibrant fabric colours and prominent connecting and functional elements give Waver an eye-catching look and the use of weatherproof materials also allow it to be used in the garden or on the terrace.

The idea behind Waver was to deliberately use no conventional armchair typology. Outdoor sports such as windsurfing and paragliding provided inspiration — the commonalities with the lightweight yet high-performance equipment used in such sports are abundantly evident in Waver.

Waver offers a high level of sitting comfort combined with a simple technical construction. Like a paraglider in a trapeze, the user floats in a fabric-spanned seat, which is suspended inside the tubular steel frame by two belts and hung over the top.

Waver, by Konstantin Grcic, for Vitra

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