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Deneb Specimen Editions by Guillaume Delvigne

Presented at the Designer’s Days in Paris, Deneb is a vessel composed of a glass vase and cork stand, and continues Guillaume Delvigne’s series of Limited Editions

Deneb Specimen Editions, by Guillaume Delvigne, and Glass Blower Matteo Gonet, Photography by Gabriel Vienna

Icon: Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

Savoy Aalto Vases by Alvar Aalto for Iittala

(photos above) Alvar Aalto portrait and original design collages for the Savoy vase in cardboard and paper

For 70 years now the Iittala factory in Finland has diligently produced Alvar Aalto’s sinuous Savoy vase. Originally part of a housewares collection that Aalto submitted to the Karhula-Iittala design competition in 1936, the vase was first presented at the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris, where the theme was “Art and Technology in Modern Life.” At the time of its conception, the vase’s graceful enigmatic form challenged the glassblowers who pioneered the making of it. Inspired by nature, Alvar Aalto simplified design elements and used a craftsman’s knowledge of the material to create design that allows for various combination’s of use. The mysterious form made a strong statement against industrial production that failed to meet human needs. Today it has become an icon of a design movement.

Alvar Aalto Vases, by Alvar Aalto, for Iittala

The Luxury Towers by Studio Juju

“We created pure and bold silhouettes with solid glass blocks, concealing the opulence of embroidery and soft leather within. Each luxury object is given its exclusive space in individual cases, crafted to fit its volume and shape. The long table allows the different blocks to be displayed and this ritual becomes fluid and light.”

The Luxury Towers, by Studio Juju

Still Lives by Fehling & Peiz

They deliberately defy all definition.
There is both something confounding and liberating about it.

Still Lives, by Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz

Vitriini Boxes by Anu Penttinen for Iittala

Everyone probably has little things on their tables and shelves that always somehow seem to be ‘homeless’. Iittala’s new range of Vitriini boxes offers an excellent solution for storing these thing – and showcasing them as well. The range has been created by glass designer Anu Penttinen, who has made a name for herself as an artist and as a masterful user of colour.

Vitriini also makes a perfect gift, as people can easily add more colours and sizes later. Penttinen underlines the modular character of the range, which was one the key properties she wanted to build in from the start. “Collecting and combining different pieces from the range lets people create their own personal take on the design, ranging from the wild and colourful, to the romantic or the cool and refined.” The Vitriini range is so much more than just a collection of storage options. What it offers is a beautiful palette of alternatives that look good while serving a very practical purpose at the same time. In fact, they are much more ‘interior jewels’ than just ‘boxes’.

Buy it here: Vitriini Boxes, by Anu Penttinen, for Iittala

IF Mode Folding Bike by Mark Sanders for Pacific Cycles

IF Mode Folding Bike Sanders Areaware Pacific Cycles

IF Mode Folding Bike Sanders Areaware Pacific Cycles

IF Mode Folding Bike Sanders Areaware Pacific Cycles

IF Mode Folding Bike Sanders Areaware Pacific Cycles

A winner of an iF Gold Award, Mark Sanders design for the IF Mode Folding Bicycle is aimed at commuters of the mobile generation who, until now, may have not considered cycling or folding bikes to be an option. IF Mode avoids oily chains, complex tubes with hidden dirt traps, and the clutter of traditional bike features. It takes seconds to unfold into a full sized street bike and weighing in at only 14.7kg (32lbs). The bike has a special handle so you can wheel it around much like airport luggage. With its green credentials and compact shape, Sanders says, the features and “uncluttered aesthetic offer a radical new image of what a bicycle can be.”

IF Mode Folding Bike, by Mark Sanders, for Pacific Cycles

Birds by Matti Klenell for Iittala

Birds by Matti Klenell for Iittala

Birds by Matti Klenell for Iittala

Birds by Matti Klenell for Iittala

Birds by Matti Klenell for Iittala

Birds by Matti Klenell for Iittala

Birds by Matti Klenell for Iittala

Birds by Matti Klenell for Iittala

Inspired by the magpie, Matti Klenell has created a new addition to the Iittala Birds collection. The magpie is well-known for stealing jewellery and other shiny objects and hiding them in their nests. Klenell wanted to incorporate the same idea of hiding something into his new pieces. In the process, he has given his glass birds a practical use alongside their aesthetic one – drawing on the varied skills of the glassblowers and craftsmen at Iittala’s Nuutajärvi glassworks.

Klenell has designed two bird families for Iittala: the Harakka (Magpie) family and the Korpi (Deep Forest) family, both with two generations of members. Klenell’s birds comprise two or three parts, which adds to their sculptural qualities. They also include a functional feature that is unique in the Iittala Birds collection, as the hollow bottom sections of his birds can be used as handy little containers to keep treasures, such as jewellery, notes, and memories, just like the magpie.

“There’s a long tradition of using glass objects as hiding places, and there are many examples in mythology and history of urns and vases being used for this purpose. The stolen diamonds in detective stories are often thrown into a Ming vase, and people playing computer games often need to look inside an urn to find further clues for the game.”
– Matti Klenell

Buy it here: Birds by Matti Klenell, for Iittala

Whirlwind by A+A cooren

A+A cooren has designed a glass vase representing the shape of a water vortex or a tornado.

Whirlwind by A+A cooren, Gallery S. Bensimon, June 9 to 14, 111 rue de Turenne, Paris, France, Photography by Joao Viera Torres

Candlesticks by Victoria Delany

Silversmith and recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, Victoria Delany has designed a set of silver and lacquered wood candlesticks. The central wooden parts are interchangeable making an endless number of interesting and colourful combinations. The top and base of the candlestick unscrews allowing you to stack the lacquered wooden components up in any combination and height.

Candlesticks by Victoria Delany, Photography by Matthew Booth

Air Vase by Torafu Architects

Made entirely of paper, Air Vase is a vessel that can be stretched and pulled into multiple variations in shape.

Air Vase, by Torafu Architects

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