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Träullit Hexagon by Form Us With Love

“We were looking into manufacturers of woodwool cement board in order to install it in our new studio, It’s an interesting material; simple, good looking and environmental friendy. Besides, we needed to stop the echoing.” The process of making wood wool cement is quite simple: wood slivers is cut from logs, then mixed with water and cement and put in a mould to dry into shape. The result is a material that is environmentally friendly, water resistant, moisture and sound absorbent.

Träullit Hexagon, by Form Us With Love

Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer for Royal VKB

Roger Arquer has designed a set of three nesting funnels that work just as well for grains, cereals and liquids.

Funnel Friends by Roger Arquer, for Royal VKB

Postfossil Trifoglio by Thomas Walde

Trifoglio is a simple fruit bowl for indoor and outdoor spaces. Reminiscent of a cloverleaf, the fruit bowl consists of three equal parts and can be manufactured industrially. The production process is simple but requires high precision. The slightly inward bended bowl causes round fruits to accumulate in the center. Its name “Trifoglio” originates from Italian and describes a simple clover leaf.

Trifoglio, by Thomas Walde, Postfossil

Hublot Luge by Philippe-Albert Lefebvre

Faithful to the “Art of fusion” philosophy so dear to the brand, the Hublot Sledge is a feat of cutting-edge technology, combining ash wood for the structure, hand-sewn leather for the seat, carbon fibre for the handles and steel for the runners. In line with the “Engineered Craft” principle, these 4 materials have all been hand-worked by artisans at the peak of their craft. The prototype was created in partnership with Graf, a company from Thurgovie, based on the “Roedel” competition model.

Hublot Luge by Philippe-Albert Lefebvre Product Design for Hublot

Dusk / Dawn Mirror by Minale-Maeda for Droog

Inpired by a reflection on a pool of water of the sky at dusk or dawn–the archetypical mirror–has become the basis for this mirror. Hung one way, it reflects dusk, and hung the other, it is dawn.

Dusk / Dawn Mirror, by Minale-Maeda, for Droog

Icon: Essence Glasses by Alfredo Häberli for Iittala

Essence Glass Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Essence Glass Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Essence Glass Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Possibly the most beautiful glassware ever designed–Alfredo Häberli has created supremely elegant modern glassware for Iittala. He suggested a new series of glasses and a carafe with one essential idea: have as few glasses as possible, while still being able to serve a full range of fine wines and other drinks.

Häberli says that he always designs his objects for a specific person. When he designed the Iittala Essence glasses, he kept thinking about a friend who is a wine expert. “I went to dinner with him. I wondered how someone with the latest model mobile phone, an expensive watch, a modern car and clothing, could hold an ugly old wine glass. As I was designing the glasses I thought that this must be something that he will like.”

“My personal heritage was essential for this project. Knowing the gastronomic business well (restaurant & hotel in my family), my aim was to integrate this knowledge in a modern shape. Not losing the scientific functionality of a shape in relation to the liquid. The idea for the glass range was to create a balance between tradition and modernity, between celebration and daily use, a balance with one and different uses. In a way, I tried to find the essence in-between. The shape was a challenge for production. The most difficult detail was the stem going into the completely flat bottom plate. This detail with the trapeze shape of the bowl gives the unusual character of the glasses. The water glass is without a stem and can be used as a shot glass or table wine glass in a daily function.”
- Alfredo Häberli

Iittala Essence Glassware, by Alfredo Häberli

Manymals by Markus Diebel

Manymals are a unique family of jewelry comprised of creatures that hang by nature. This first line is called “Wild Ones” and represents wild animals from around the world. The packaging is molded out of recycled newspaper featuring a story about each manymal. 5% of sales go to WildAid, a organization in San Francisco fighting against illegal wildlife trade.

Manymals by Markus Diebel

Marten Hi-Fi Audio

Swedish hi-fi audio brand Marten, has made it easier to place speakers in a room — something other high-end speaker manufacturers don’t allow for. With the Form series, form really does meet function. Resulting in speakers which combine stunning design with outstanding sound reproduction. Marten encapsulates the Swedish spirit of form meeting function, in beautiful harmony.

Coltrane, Form, M Amp, by Marten, Photography by Ulf Celander

Losanges by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for nanimarquina

Designed for Spanish brand nanimarquina, the rugs are inspired traditional Persian rugs and are made by craftsmen in Pakistan. Say Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, “We have always been captivated by the traditional Persian rug, especially by the very old kilim savoir-faire which we see as a delicate mix of rusticity and fineness. We have been lucky to see this project carried through by the craftsmen of Northern Pakistan who managed to skillfully combine thirteen colors through the geometrical rhombus shape.”

“As well as being crafted by hand, the Afghan wool is also spun by hand, which allows for some unique color tones to be highlighted. This subtly random technique makes each lozenge slightly different and each rug, a unique piece.”

Losanges, by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, for nanimarquina
via: mocoloco

Charles & Ray Eames Hang-It-All Rack

Charles and Ray Eames brought a sense of play to all their work, including the Hang-It-All. It took the everyday coat rack to a new place that was inventive and fun. More than just a conversation piece, the Hang-It-All holds anything that slips over its colorful hooks.
Originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1953, the Hang-It-All Rack can be seen in the background in archival photos of their own Pacific Palisades home.

Charles & Ray Eames Hang-It-All Rack, for Vitra

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