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Origo by Alfredo Häberli for Iittala

Origo Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Origo Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Origo Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Origo Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Origo Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Origo Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Origo Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Origo Alfredo Häberli Iittala

Winner of the IF Design Award, Origo dinnerware collection features bold, modern color combinations allowing for unlimited combinability of the cups, bowls, and plates. Origo is made to combine with other Iittala collections including Teema, classic Scandinavian dinnerware, designed by Kaj Franck in 1952 and Bottna with its strong lines and a botanical-inspired pattern by Anna Danielsson, a well known Swedish textile designer who works with Marimekko of Finland. Durable as it is attractive, Alfredo Häberli designed Origo to stand the test of everyday use over a long period of time.

Iittala Origo Dinnerware, by Alfredo Häberli

Cristal Carafe by Marcel Wanders for Normann Copenhagen

Not always known for making simple practical objects, Marcel Wanders designed the Cristal Carafe for the Danish company, Normann Copenhagen. A sculpted, transparent glass carafe, the Cristal Carafe comes complete with five multicolor cups sculpted in rich plastic. The unexpected contrast creates a pleasing dynamic between cold and warm materials, rigid lines and soft shapes, making it as visually striking as it is refreshing. The Carafe is the winner of the Formidable Award, at the Swedish Formex Priset.

Normann Copenhagen Cristal Carafe, by Marcel Wanders

Thin Black Lines + Dancing Squares by nendo

A solo show at the Taiwanese government-sponsored National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute featuring two collections. ‘thin black lines’ is a collection of furniture formed from ‘still black’, so we wanted to use ‘active black on white’ for the exhibition space. The drawings on the floor flow like river water around the exhibition stands. ‘dancing squares’ is a collection based on the concept of ‘active white’, so we wanted a space that expressed the idea of ‘still black on white’. Our room-sized sketch, affixed to walls and floor, uses a fish-eye lens-like effect as though viewers are seeing it through a tiny water drop.

Exhibition: Thin Black Lines + Dancing Squares, by nendo, at National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI), Taiwan

Kaasa Fireplace by Ilkka Suppanen for Iittala

The name Kaasa refers to a beacon that was crucial to sailors in the Bay of Bothnia in Finland. Reminiscent of bonfires, these stone or wooden structures guided mariners in the right direction, or to good fishing grounds. In perilous times, a fire was lit on the kaasa to warn of the enemy’s approach. This forebear of the lighthouse has inspired Ilkka Suppanen, a sailing enthusiast born in coastal Finland.

“Design is more about values than forms and colours. My aim was an archetypical, iconic gathering point. Rather like a large candle, I wanted this product to bring people together around light and warmth.”
- Ilkka Suppanen

Iittala Kaasa Fireplace 475 mm, Kaasa Fireplace 255 mm, by Ilkka Suppanen

Karmi Tea Canisters by Shoshen

Karmi Tea Canisters Developed by the Shoshen lacquerware from Yamanka, introducing, delicately and intricately crafted products for the home. The origin of Yamanka ware dates as far back to the Azuchi–Momoyama period (1568–1600). During this time, craftsmen developed their wood curving techniques that has now become distinguishing features of Yamanka lacquer ware. Shoshen lacquer ware respects the beautiful grain of natural wood and perfect base work. They intentionally don’t overpaint the wood in order expose the beautiful grain. It takes over a year to produce these beautiful artisan pieces.

Karmi Tea Canisters, by Shoshen

Showtime Vases by Jaime Hayon for BD Ediciones

Showtime Vase Jaime Hayon

Showtime Vase Jaime Hayon

Showtime Vase Jaime Hayon

Showtime Vase Jaime Hayon

Showtime Vase Jaime Hayon

Inspired by Classic MGM musicals, Jaime Hayon has designed a home furniture series of chairs, tables and vessels called Showtime collection. These playful vases are a more than passive flower holders – they have personality. A special edition of the vases in gold were exhibited during Stage, at the Aram Gallery in London.
Jaime Hayon is the most intriguing figure in new Spanish design. He has energy, talent and a style of his own, he plays with the boundaries between classicism and modernity, all of which are all distilled into the Showtime Vases.

Bd Barcelona Design Showtime Vases, by Jaime Hayon

Oeil de Sorcière by Ionna Vautrin for Moustache

Formerly called “witch’s eye” convex mirrors adorned with a large ornate frame. These mirrors give the strange and intriguing feeling that a someone else is watching us from the other side. This convex mirror sits on a conical foot like a statue of a character observing his environment.

Oeil de Sorcière, by Ionna Vautrin, for Moustache, Photography by Felipe Ribon

Mango Flatware by Nanny Still for Iittala

Mango Flatware Nanny Still Iittala

Mango Flatware Nanny Still Iittala

Designed by Nanny Still in 1973 this matt stainless steel cutlery continues to delight 21st century diners in both everyday and formal table settings with its genuine retro elegance. Mango’s bold 70s design is made in Finland of matte brushed 18/10 stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime.

Nanny Still is one of Finland’s most colorful designers with a wide range of products. She works with the same clear elegance in a variety of different materials: metal, glass, ceramics. Nanny Still masters almost everything to do with art and industrial design. She was awarded the Pro Finlandia medal in 1972 and the Diploma of Honour at the Triennale in Milan in 1954, to name just a few of her awards.

Iittala Mango Flatware, by Nanny Still

 Watering Kettle Cans by Antonio Aricò

The concept of a ceramic swan came from Antonio’s desire to have a watering-can connected to the aesthetical and practical world of gardening. Why we can not insert in it a glimpse of our indoor daily life, by transforming it in a tea pot? After all watering plants could be compared to pouring tea for friends. Changing the concept and the use of two common objects – like a watering can and a kettle – is a way for Antonio to magnify our usual life and putting some fantasy and magic in such tenderhearted gestures. The hybrid shape of the tall kettle could be seen as a weird swan and the short one could be seen as baby elephant with is very long trunk.

Watering Kettle Cans, by Antonio Aricò, Garage Design

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